Wake up to the latest alarm, manage your life style with this Trending Alarm App.

Alarm Features:
1.User can set Alarm for day basis.
2.User can able to set multiple alarms (more than one alarm).
3.User can set label/message on alarm.
4.User can set alarm for week bases (Repeat alarm Day basis).
5.User can snooze alarm for a giver time period or dismiss it while alarm rings.
6.User can update any previously set alarm.

Reminder Features:
1.User can set Multiple Reminder for any Event.
2.User can set Date and Time of reminder.
3.User can able to set label/message on reminder.
4.User can able to snooze or dismiss alarm while its ring.

Home Screen

Add Alarm

Set Alarm Time

Set Days

set Alarm Message


Alarm/Reminder Setting
1.User can set snooze duration of alarm/reminder.
2.User can set vibration on/off on alarm/reminder.
3.User can set ringtone for his alarm/reminder.